SPCA History

Mrs. Elaine D. Korn Our Sumter S.P.C.A. was organized in 1969 by the late Elaine D. (Sunny) Korn. Mrs. Korn was a great humanitarian who cared for and respected all life. Her perseverance, determination and dedication to animals transformed her S.P.C.A. dream into a reality when the current facility located at 1140 S. Guignard Drive opened in February 1976. Approximately 209,128 animals have been cared for and sheltered since that time. Our S.P.C.A. has also helped innumerable individuals with their animals and/or animal problems.

Our Sumter community is urged to bring unwanted, abandoned, abused or stray animals to the shelter. Financial contributions are requested from individuals who bring the animals to the shelter to help defray operational expenses. Donations are greatly appreciated and are vital to insure the continuation of services to our community. Our S.P.C.A. does not receive any funds whatsoever from the City, County, State, or Federal Government.


Our S.P.C.A. does not pick up animals. The service of picking up strays is provided by City-County tax revenues through the City-County Animal Control Department.


There are many animals for adoption at our S.P.C.A. Each animal is eagerly waiting and hoping to be selected and adopted. Animal companionship is truly a remarkable bond. It is a very loving and loyal relationship that enriches the lives of all involved. Adopters can make a positive difference in the future lives of our homeless animals. They deserve a home life filled with love and kindness. The adoption fee of $150.00 for dogs, $125.00 for cats, includes the first inoculations, first deworming and a voucher to be applied to the spaying or neutering fee at your veterinary clinic.


Pet responsibility is also an important part of pet ownership.

  • Provide adequate food, water and shelter at all times.
  • Provide proper care, attention and humane treatment.
  • Provide proper veterinary care and medical treatment.
  • Provide ample love and kindness.
  • Provide proper identification at all times.
  • Obey all laws pertaining to animals.
  • Provide an adequate enclosed area.
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment.
  • Be a good animal neighbor.

The continuous support of Our Sumter community has been heartwarming and encouraging and is essential for the success of our Sumter S.P.C.A. This support has enabled our S.P.C.A. to provide invaluable services and has helped to enrich the lives of many orphan animals. Our S.P.C.A. is blessed by the outpour of community support and is thankful for its many loyal friends and supporters. Animals depend on our S.P.C.A. and our S.P.C.A. depends on you!!!