"Pawprint Pathway" Brick Fundraiser

Our "Pawprint Pathway" fundraiser allows you to purchase a brick in memory of or in honor of an individual, family, group or pet. The brick will be placed permanently on the front walk as part of the "pathway" to our S.P.C.A., and your memorialized or honored individual, family, group or pet will be forever immortalized. It is a great way for loved ones or revered friends and pets to be remembered forever! These bricks also make excellent birthday or holiday gifts for friends or relatives.

There are two sizes available. The 4" x 8" brick is available for $100.00, and allows up to 3 lines of text. The 8" x 8" brick is available for $175.00, which allows up to 6 lines of text. Each line of text may contain up to 15 characters.

To purchase your Brick to be placed in the Pawprint Pathway, please follow the paws below to our secure online order processing:

Pawprint Pathway Brick Order