Have you seen me?

Tips for Finding Your Lost Pet

  • Contact our SPCA at (803) 773-9292 and give a detailed report on your lost pet. Your information will be placed in a database which will be checked daily against all animals turned into our shelter and also compared to descriptions of lost pets found by individuals. Also, you should come in to check out the animals currently in our shelter to see if your pet is here. Some descriptions may vary so it is important to come in to check our animals yourself.
  • Send a photograph of your pet by email (spca@sumterscspca.com) to our Sumter SPCA so that your photograph can be added to your lost information.
  • Contact Animal Control at (803) 436-2066 to check if your pet may have been picked up or turned in to Animal Control. As with the SPCA, go there yourself to see the animals to be sure your pet is not there.
  • Check with local veterinarians to see if your pet has been reported found. Sometimes, veterinarians are contacted by caring individuals in their search for the rightful owner. Post a flyer of your pet with photo and information at local veterinarian offices.
  • Drive around the neighborhood and question people to see if your pet has been seen or is being held by a concerned citizen in your area. Sometimes, they just do not know who to contact, but they want to help find the owners.
  • Put up flyers around your neighborhood with a recent photo and important descriptive information concerning your pet and a phone number so that anyone with information on your pet can contact you.
  • Add a reward if possible.
  • You can also post flyers at the local mall, restaurants, supermarkets, retail chains, etc. The more places you can post your flyers, the more contact with the public you will have in finding your pet.
  • Contact The Item at (803) 774-1200 to post your lost pet in the "Lost and Found" section.
  • Go on the internet and find places that will list your lost pet information. Also, check out online shelters around the area. Many shelters post lists of lost pets online.

Tips for Preventing Your Pet from Becoming Lost

  • Microchip your pet so that if he/she gets lost, any shelter or veterinarian facility can easily scan your pet for instant identification. Microchipping is a permanent pet ID. It is one of your pet's best chances for being found promptly. Pets can also be tattooed for quick identification.
  • Keep a collar on your pet with a proper ID tag with your pet's name, address, phone number, etc. Most pets that get lost without a collar take much longer to locate and bring home.
  • Be sure your pet is properly vaccinated and is wearing his/her vaccination tag. Your pet can be located using the tag's vaccination number simply by calling the veterinarian's number on the tag.
  • Fence in your yard if possible to prevent your dog from roaming the neighborhood. If at all possible, do not leave your pets unattended in your yard. It only takes a moment for someone to steal your pet. If you have a cat, work to train your cat to your yard or local area so he/she does not wander.
  • When walking your dog, be sure to keep him/her on a leash at all times. There are many distractions that can cause your pet to wander or run.
  • Be sure to spay or neuter your pet. Spaying or neutering reduces your pet's desire to stray and reduces your pet's chances of being stolen for breeding purposes.