SPCA Sponsor a Pet Campaign

Many visitors come and ask how they can help our shelter animals even more. Some adopt, some donate supplies and others give monetary gifts. There are numerous ways to help support our efforts to care for and adopt our animals. Many people state that they would love to adopt ALL of our animals which is, as we all know, impossible; however, one way you can help is to "Sponsor a Pet". For $30, you can sponsor a pet for a month and help to give it the care and support it needs during its stay here with us. You may also opt to become a monthly pet sponsor. As a monthly pet sponsor, your $30 a month donation will be a continuous way for you to make a huge difference in the lives of our shelter animals.

There are two ways you can "Sponsor a Pet".

You may choose to give a one time or occasional $30 sponsorship donation. This may be done through our online credit card donation option or you can send in or call in your donation. You may also visit us to donate in person.

You may also choose to be a "Monthly Pet Sponsor". If you choose to be a monthly sponsor, we can set up a monthly donation using our online credit card donation option. You may also send or call in your donation, or donate in person.

If you are interested in becoming a "Monthly Pet Sponsor" or one time sponsor, you may do so online with our

Online Secure Sponsorship


... or contact our office at (803)773-9292 or come visit us at 1140 S. Guignard Dr., Sumter, SC 29150. WE AND OUR PETS THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!